inktober #4 – spell!



Roughly based on an old drawing by Wilhelm Busch.
I didn’t remember the story exactly and it’s been some years that I’ve read it, so I was excited to draw my own version, only from memory.
In my take on the theme, the lover has a new maid on his side and his former mistress is killing him with a spell.
(The basic drawing is done strictly with ink and after the scan digitally I’ve added a structure to the tower as well as making the clouds a little brighter around the lightning in PS.)

LONDON 3/22/2017

Quick reaction to the London incident 3/22/2017.
Images are circulating rapidly in the age of internet. It enables one to react just as quickly, turning these photographs, which are instantaneously iconographic, into abstractions. Cartoons are meant to entertain, not document events. The effect of this quick reaction is disturbing or bewildering.