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TREMOR (video)


Der Haltetremor erscheint unter reiner Schwerkraftbelastung,
also wenn der Patient seine Hände nach vorne streckt und hält.

Normal tremor is a slight counter movement between muscles
that occurs when stretching extremities and withstanding gravity.

Privacy paradise!


You will die

“Der Überbringer”


Vertonung einer Kurzgeschichte von mir (ca. 2010).
Die Vertonung folgte im Jänner 2011 und nach einigem Zögern und Abwarten, hier das Ding in voller Länge.

Lone Wanderer

This is a Flash game that I am going to program as soon as I have time to.
You can basically play the painting “The wanderer above the sea fog” by Caspar David Friedrich.

Check out the website


Schwubber (soundcloud)

A fun track that I was too lazy to rework.


three sketches

journey journal

Ruth was nice.
Ruth had a stroke.
I liked Ruth.
No matter what.

wandering stars

we are.

“SPUK” – screenshots

I finished the rough editing of the 6 minute shortfilm SPUK (“haunting”).
Color corrections, sound and music is following up. Here are some preliminary screenshots.

The shortfilm will premiere soon here on my wordpress site.


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