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Cardiff I.

sketches from the plane, streets and busrides.


Pula, Croatia. 2014




interaktiver Cartoon

Mit freundlicher Erlaubnis von Karsten alias “Leichnam” habe ich aus (bisher) zwei seiner Witzzeichnungen eine interaktive Animation gemacht.
Mit Macromedia Flash begann ich vor fast zehn Jahren erste Filme zu schneiden und Animationen zu machen. Es ist schön mal wieder auf das alte Werkzeug zurückzukommen.

"Keine Sorgen"

… auf das Bild klicken, um die Flash-Version zu starten.


summer dinner

Here’s some ideas on what to serve on a delightful summer day.
RIP Robin Williams. We loved Flubber.


The Craig – unrob ft. Andrey

Andrey of Wood Cottage Controller turned an old electronic track I’ve made some time aog into a rap.

Toxoplasmosis – FLUBBER 3D 2

Monty Python LIVE! (mostly “ok”)

Since all the die-hard fans and critics keep praising the last show of the arguably most influential comedy group, here’s what I thought.

Hearing that the remaining staff of the Monty Python group would get together to do a final live show, I was both excited and anxious. Afterall, chances were high that this could end in a cringeworthy performance of senile grumps, reluctantly milking their ingenious sketches to fatten up their pension. Very high chances.

The Four Yorkshiremen sketch, up to date.

If you’ve made the same mistake as I did and watched Live at the Hollywood Superbowl before the live broadcast to get in the right mood, you were literally told the same jokes twice. Much of that material has been recreated, even in almost the same sequence. The Michaelangelo sketch in comparison to the original live show was narrowed by John Cleeses quite understandable lack of energy and, above all, by the completely unnecessary appearance of a kangaroo mascot (which seemed like it was taken directly from a childrens birthday service).

Opening with the Four Yorkshiremen sketch on the other hand was a spot-on move, although Read more…


“Ask yourself this.”

Alongside our silly mindgame with identity here,
we recommend a cup of black, hot coffee and this to play along.



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